Everybody is different, and every person’s sleeping habits are also different. Men and women have unique sleep comfort needs and different body types. Our sleep comfort needs also change with age, adding more complexity. We have remedies such as memory foam mattresses, specialty pillows, and many other methods of helping you achieve a better sleeping position. But ultimately, an adjustable bed frame gives you the most options.

Many people want to know what kind of adjustable bed frame More Bedding and Bath can provide, and we’ll get to that. But first, we need to understand what an adjustable bed frame is and its benefits.

What Is An Adjustable Bed Frame?

Adjustable mattresses let you adjust the shape of the top side of the mattress. But an adjustable bed frame enables you to adjust the position from top to bottom as the base moves freely from the mattress. For a start, you will need a specialty mattress that can conform to the settings to which you adjust your bed frame since traditional mattresses are too rigid.

The advantage of this is a more stable and more durable adjusted contour. This could mean finding the optimal resting position and maintaining it long enough for those who struggle to sleep. If you have a long history of taking a long time to get to sleep, this can be life-changing!

Eight Remarkable Features Of Adjustable Bed Frames

An adjustable bed frame is superior because it provides better, more structurally sound support for your chosen position. But it also gives you more control over an adjustable bed via several advanced features.

Wireless Remote Control

One of the most important features of an adjustable bed is the ability to adjust during the night for minimal disruption to your rest. Our adjustable frame wireless remotes make it easy to adjust with minimal disruption. Simply place the remote on a bedside table, and reach over at your convenience to press a button and achieve the desired position effortlessly. Better still, you’ll never have to worry about breaking the wire cord or tripping at night because there is no wire.

Split-King Option

The chances are high that your spouse or partner does not have the same sleep position preferences. It’s even less likely that they will want to have their side of the bed adjusted simultaneously and the same way you want it. For this, the split-king option is perfect. It lets you make changes only to your sleep position. Simply adjust your side of the bed to your liking and leave your loved one undisturbed.

Adjustable Back And Leg Height

Ordinary adjustable beds allow you to adjust the back and leg height of the mattress, but an adjustable bed frame excels at this. Most adjustable sleep systems do not create an optimal contour for a full range of use cases. More Bedding and Bath adjustable bed frames offer a broad range of leg height and other adjustments. Because the compatible mattress is made for an adjustable frame, the seating area conforms to the proper shape for reclining and sleeping positions. Simply make the desired adjustment, and enjoy. In short, More Bedding and Bath adjustable sleep systems are more versatile than other adjustable bed systems. Adjusting leg height is also good for speeding recovery time from sports injuries.

Built-In Dual Massage Zones

After a long day at work, an automated massage is perfect for helping you loosen up and relax. Most beds with built-in automatic massage focus on only one area of your body, usually the upper or lower back. Adjustable frame beds found here, at More Bedding and Bath, feature dual massage zones for the legs and full upper and lower back simultaneously for a full-body automated massage. There’s simply no better way to relax after work and settle in for the night.

Built-In USB Charging Ports

While it’s not a great idea to take your mobile devices to bed, it can be nice to watch streaming movies in bed.  You may need to respond to work-related emails faster. Many people use their mobile phones for their alarm feature, and having it plugged in can be necessary to ensure it works when you need it. However, moving the bed or climbing under it to access wall sockets can be a hassle. Adjustable beds available at More Bedding and Bath feature built-in USB charge ports for your electronic devices. You can make sure your phone alarm is charged and ready to wake you up in the morning.

Universal Headboard Attachment

Traditionally, people often choose beds based on their appearance, making the headboard indispensable. But adjustable frames do not come with a headboard. Rather, they use a universal headboard attachment. This means you can take your beloved antique headboard and use it in a practical, functional, and beautiful way. Alternatively, you may find a headboard and simply attach it to your adjustable frame. This provides a valuable option for customization to suit your bedroom decor.

LED Lighting Under The Base

If you’ve ever gone to the bathroom in the middle of the night, you understand the utility of under-bed lighting. It lights the room gently with a light that is not disruptive to help you stay relaxed as you make your way back to bed. Under the base, lighting is also a great help when looking under the bed. There’s no need to find a flashlight. Just activate the under-base lighting.

One-Touch Zero-G Position

Finally, we come to what might be the most attractive aspect of these advanced bed frames, the Zero-G feature-set. This innovation offers several valuable benefits above and beyond just comfort.

What Is Zero-G Position?


People tend to lose height as they age due to bone loss and cartilage compression. One answer to this issue, and its accompanying health problems, is inversion therapy. This means simply turning upside down to reverse the effect of gravity on the structures of the body and the circulatory system. The Zero-G Position is a gentle and comfortable incline feature in which the lower body is slightly elevated. This comes with many proven benefits, the value of which is not to be underestimated.

Benefits Of Zero-G Position

Zero-G Position (ZGP) takes the pressure off the tissues between the spine’s vertebrae, allowing blood to flow to tissues that are usually compressed. This can provide relief from back pain and even be part of a treatment regimen for those recovering from injury. Physical therapists and chiropractors often recommend a gentle incline sleeping position, and adjustable bed frames make it easy to achieve.

Deep Relaxation With Muscle And Joint Pressure Relief

Anyone with a history of sleep trouble may find that a gentle zero-g position alleviates the difficulty of getting to sleep and staying asleep. It can be especially helpful for those working with sports-related injury or soreness by depressurizing affected tissues and structures.

Relief From Back Pain

Almost everyone experiences back pain at some point in life due to the compression of the spine and its supporting tissues. Zero-G positioning delivers much-needed relief from this constant pressure, giving the body the time and opportunity to heal and revitalize the spine.

Improves Blood Circulation

Healthcare researchers and sports medicine professionals say that gentle inversion therapy helps the circulatory system saturate tissues of the spine and elsewhere. This gentle form of inversion therapy can be maintained for longer periods, providing greater benefits for the circulatory system.

Control Snoring

Snoring is caused by obstruction of the airway during sleep. It is usually triggered by relaxation of the muscles in the mouth and throat and inflammation in these same areas. Changing position during sleep can reduce snoring, but this is difficult to achieve while sleeping. Zero-G positioning can provide persistent positioning change that can reduce trouble with snoring in many cases.

If you have sleep apnea, consult your physician before using Zero-G positioning to treat it.

More Bedding and Bath is proud to offer these and other innovative sleep products to improve your sleep quality. Get in touch today to learn more about the benefits of adjustable frames and learn what kinds of adjustable bed frames we can provide. Our customer service team is eager to answer your questions.