SUPIMA cotton is fast becoming the top choice for people seeking the finest in bedding when it comes to luxury and comfort. It is uniquely American, unmatched in comfort, environmentally farmed and produced, and surprisingly durable for many years of use.

As a select material derived from a rare plant under unique circumstances, SUPIMA provides an elite choice for cotton bedding for consumers who are serious about their comfort and environmentally-friendly practices used to produce it. Learn here about the rare SUPIMA cotton that you can find at your luxury bedding store in Oakland Park.

SUPIMA’s Origin

SUPIMA is a unique, premium natural fiber, recognized as the world’s finest. The cotton fibers are derived from the rare Gossypium barbadense plant which is found naturally in several tropical and subtropical areas. Fabric made from this cotton fiber derived from the plant has been produced in South America and the West Indies for thousands of years. The Gossypium barbadense plant’s identifying characteristic is its bright yellow flowers, which grow naturally as a low tree.

The cotton fibers that come from the Gossypium barbadense plant are considered to be extra-long-staple cotton. This means that the fibers measure on average about 1.4 inches, compared to the length of about one inch on average for the most common type of cotton grown worldwide. The additional length makes Gossypium barbadense cotton fibers more durable and easier to form into high-quality yarn that can be used for luxurious fabrics, including extraordinarily comfortable bedding.

SUPIMA represents less than 1% of the world’s cotton and only 3% of the cotton grown in the USA. It is grown exclusively in the U.S. on approximately 500 family-owned farms, including many passed down from generation to generation. With 93% of SUPIMA grown in California’s San Joaquin Valley, 3% grown in Arizona, and 2% grown in New Mexico and Texas each, the farmers take great care to practice environmentally friendly techniques that maintain the health of the soil and conserve the water used to nourish it.

The uniqueness of SUPIMA cotton compared to others grown across the globe is the extra-long staple fiber that gives the cotton its premium properties of strength, softness, and color retention. This American-grown cotton’s hallmarks are its luxury, quality, and traceability found in quality products at your luxury bedding store in Oakland Park.

There is no substitute for SUPIMA. Its traceability comes from the ability to authenticate its cotton across the supply, starting with the fiber and yarn, then the fabric, and finally as the finished product at retail. It is a complete circle of transparency, enabling buyers to openly ask about and discuss all relevant facts, including its point of origin, the sustainability used in production, and its social and economic responsibility factors. This transparency is based on forensic science analysis of the natural fiber itself, revealing the true place of origin for SUPIMA. This makes it easy to authenticate the use of SUPIMA cotton in any fabric.

Why Choose SUPIMA Cotton?

The reasons why SUPIMA cotton found in products at your luxury bedding store in Oakland Park are – 

  • They are a superior choice
  • Known for durability and comfort
  • Twice as strong as the regular cotton fabric that most people know 

SUPIMA is 45% stronger than regular cotton because of the strength of its individual fibers. This makes SUPIMA ideal as the fabric for extraordinarily resilient products. This extraordinary strength is how SUPIMA provides lighter bed linen fabrics that beautifully drape and comfortably breathe for the best experience.


It is 35% longer than average cotton, which helps produce superior, firmer, smoother, and cleaner yarns. This results in materials that are softer to the touch and fabrics that are more comfortable with higher resistance to pilling. Pills are the balls of tangled cotton fibers that show up on most cotton products as they are worn and washed over time. After about ten washes, these pills begin to show up on regular cotton products. But with SUPIMA, the fabric can be used and cleaned for years without any sign of pills. SUPIMA’s extra-long staple fiber also resists pulling, breaking and tearing, which means greater durability in bedding products. These products are incredibly resilient and keep their form much longer than bedding made from regular cotton fabrics.

Supima is inherently softer and more luxurious due to its extra-long staple fiber. The length of the fiber makes for a smoother surface and produces a softer fabric that resists pilling. This means that your bedding will feel sumptuously soft. With proper care, bedding made from SUPIMA will only get softer over time.

The process used to make SUPIMA contributes to its quality. While most regular cotton producers use automation as much as possible in the manufacturing process, this is not true of SUPIMA. Many aspects of its production continue to be done by hand, including the hand picking of cotton seeds. The seeds are then stripped of their fibers. Another unique characteristic of SUPIMA cotton is that it is all ginned on unique roller gins that are operated at much lower speeds. This is done to ensure that the fiber is gently separated from the seed to preserve its unique qualities. The fibers are then compressed into bales. The bales are transferred to a large production operation, where they are opened and the fibers put into a mixing machine.

After mixing, the fibers are carded, a process by hand or machine that forms the fibers into a network of rope-like strands. Next, the strands undergo combing through an automated process where impurities are removed from the cotton. Then the strands are added to spools called bobbins, where they can then be spun into yarn and made ready to be woven into fabric. All fabrics made from SUPIMA cotton are certified as authentic by the American SUPIMA Association to ensure the quality and durability that buyers expect from products made from this unique cotton.

This process and the uniqueness of SUPIMA’s finer fibers ensure better absorption of the dye, resulting in deeper, longer-lasting penetration of color into the fabric. This is why SUPIMA cotton fabrics retain color better than regular cotton fabrics, maintaining their vivid and brilliant look no matter how many times the products made from the cotton are washed. Sheets and other bedding made from SUPIMA cotton can be cared for in the same way you care for other items in your homemade from regular cotton. A unique characteristic of this luxurious cotton is the more you wash and wear it, the more you will experience the smooth comfort of SUPIMA. This unique material actually improves in softness over time as sheets and other bedding are washed and used. The long-lasting vibrant colors remain for years to come, meaning the SUPIMA bedding you buy now will look just as beautiful as it did on the first day far out into the future.

Because of its high quality, comfort and durability, SUPIMA cotton is typically used to make many high-end products commonly found in the house, not just sheets and other bedding. Although it is highly durable, the cost of SUPIMA prohibits it from being used commonly in commercial settings. In addition to luxury bedding products, this indulgent cotton is used to make T-shirts, pajamas, dress shirts, blouses, and nightgowns. SUPIMA fabrics are so soft that this unique American-made cotton is often used as a substitute for silk.

Visit a luxury bedding store in Oakland Park.

The superior quality and long-lasting comfort of SUPIMA are best experienced in person. You can find all of your quality bedding products made from SUPIMA at your favorite luxury bedding store in Oakland Park. From coverings to pillows, see for yourself why this rare and beautiful cotton rises above all other products made from regular cotton. The bedding made from SUPIMA cotton comes with the assurance that you are purchasing this elite product that you can use for many years without fear of the wear and tear you have experienced in products made from regular cotton. This indulgent, soft cotton fabric made in the United States comes in deep, rich colors that add beauty to any room.

The true value of SUPIMA cotton fabrics used for bedding is not in the purchase price, which is higher than regular cotton fabrics used for bedding. It comes from its durability and like-new look that you see after years of use, long after you have thrown out the worn fabrics made from regular cotton.

Whether it is the lavishly soft touch, the durable, extra-long fiber that allows your bedding to keep its shape without fear of pilling, or the rich, vibrant colors that penetrate deeply, SUPIMA defines luxury as a premium fiber that will enhance the quality and life of your bedding. Indulge yourself in true luxury in a fabric you will enjoy for many years. Explore our website toady to get your hands on SUPIMA Bedding products!