When redecorating, there is no need to break the bank or dive into complicated renovations. Plenty of simple, cost-effective methods exist to revitalise a room and create a new style statement. Area rugs are a wonderful alternative to reflooring. If you are tired of the same old flooring, area rugs provide a great way to change the entire look and feel of a room without making permanent changes.

This simple guide will help homeowners learn more about adding area rugs to hardwood floors and the wonderful effect it can help to create.

Do At Home Rugs Damage Hardwood Floors?

One concern homeowners often have concerning their hardwood floors is whether or not a rug will affect the appearance of their hardwood floors. Genuine hardwood floors are a wonderful asset to any home. Protecting the hardwood is often a priority that will affect the consideration for anything placed on the floor. This would include any rugs that are used.

There is reason to worry, too. Some low-end rugs can damage a hardwood floor. The most common type of damage is the dulling of the finish. Inexpensive rugs will often have a rough underside. As this underside rubs against the floor, it can start to wear away at the lovely hardwood finish. Many homeowners invest in this type of flooring specifically for the beautiful finish. When you want to add a temporary rug to a room, you can protect this finish while the carpet is in place.

One solution to this problem is always to choose rugs that are made of high-quality materials. The cheap rugs that cause damage are often made of synthetic, rough materials. These materials wear away at the finish and beauty of the floor.

Another cause of damage can be rug pads. Rug pads often keep the rug from sliding on the floor. Although this can be helpful, these additions are sometimes made from sticky material. Later, if the carpet is removed, the adhesive material may stay in place on the floor, causing damage.

This can be tricky, though, because not using a rug pad can also cause damage as the rug moves and slips over the floor. The solution is to be sure to purchase a rug pad that will not leave any type of sticky adhesive behind but will provide stability so that there is no slipping or sliding.

It is also a good idea to avoid purchasing a rug that is already made with adhesives. Some rugs are made this way as a convenience, but if protecting the hardwood underneath is a priority, this product should be avoided.

If protecting the floor is a priority, you will want to purchase a high-quality rug and pad designed to safeguard genuine hardwood floors.

Why Is Rolling Out A Home Rug Over Hardwood Floors Recommended?

Considering that rugs can create a threat to flooring, homeowners may wonder if it is even worth the trouble to add a rug. There are several good reasons to add a high-quality rug to your hardwood floors. Here are a few reasons you may want to consider this addition.

They add coziness – 

Although hardwood floors add a beautiful quality to a home, a homeowner may want to add a bit of softness and coziness to a room. Adding a rug creates a warm environment. There are so many different types when searching for that perfect rug. 

They secure the floors –

Although well-cared-for hardwood floors are gorgeous, they can also be dangerous. Hardwood can increase the risk of slips and falls. Reducing the risk of slips and falls is likely to be a high priority for people with mobility issues. Adding a rug is also a good idea if small children are in the home. When babies learn to crawl and walk, parents want a safer environment to cushion falls. This can easily be accomplished by adding a rug.

They help absorb sound and prevent echoes – 

One benefit of rugs that is often overlooked is that rugs can very effectively help absorb sound and prevent echoes. This can be especially problematic in a large house with very tall ceilings. Tall ceilings and hardwood floors can create an environment where sound echoes too much. Homeowners often want to cut down on this annoyance. When strategically placed, a rug can make a home quieter.

They cover up floor damage –

The goal is to keep hardwood floors in great shape, but damage does happen. If the hardwood floor has been damaged, covering up the damage could be a good short-term option. There are ways to repair damage to a hardwood floor, but if there is no time to do so, a cleverly placed rug could solve the problem.

Perhaps the damage cannot be repaired without a bigger renovation project. When a homeowner is not ready to take all of that on right now, a high-quality carpet is an answer.

Tips for Pairing a Home Rug with Hardwood Floors

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Several factors should be considered when the decision has been made to add a home rug. Here are a few tips for pairing a home rug with hardwood floors.

Check out the color of the wood grain –

The wood grain should be considered when choosing a rug. Hardwood floors come in a wide variety of beautiful colors and stains. The rug that is selected should complement the existing floor. Considering this will ensure that the room flows together seamlessly and creates a stylish effect.

Choose the right size –

Size matters when choosing a rug. When selecting a size, think about how much of the floor should be covered compared to how much should still be visible. Another size consideration will be how the size of the rug works with the furniture that will be in the room. Rugs should lie proportionately under furniture. Generally, rugs should not be half under a piece of furniture, causing unsteadiness and creating a safety issue. This is especially true for large pieces that could tip over, such as bookcases or other types of large furniture. Furniture should sit steady with the rug either entirely under it or entirely out from under it. Families with small children and babies should ensure that big furniture items sit firmly on the floor to avoid accidents.

Pick a rug that contrasts with the hardwood floor –

To create the best effect in the room, a rug should be chosen that contrasts nicely with your floor. This is where the color will also come into play. Although you do not want colors or designs that contrast too drastically, you also do not wish rugs identical to your existing floor color.

This is where homeowners want to take some time to look at different options. Sometimes, you can even get a small rug sample to take home. The sample can be taken home and placed on the floor so that a true sense of the contrast can be observed. This is a great way to make the best possible rug choice for the room.


Rugs are one of the best ways to recreate a room. When these helpful tips are considered, the best possible rug choice can be made. A great rug will add style, warmth, and coziness to the room and protect the hardwood floors underneath.

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