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Why Choose More Bedding & Bath for all Your Bedding Needs?

Bedding not only plays a vital role in enhancing your sleep experience but also in influencing the aesthetics of your bedroom. Choosing the right bedding is essential whether you prefer a beautiful, bold space or a gentle, cozy sanctuary to relax.

We have an extensive selection of luxury bedding sets in Oakland Park tailored from a perfect blend of durable, premium fabrics that provide a comfortable sleeping environment. The universal fit design of our bedding allows you to smoothly and securely protect your mattress. From brushed microfiber to bamboo rayon, Italian artisan to Botanical Tencel Lyocell, French Nylon to premium cotton bedding and quilts for sale in Oakland Park, More Bedding & Bath has an extensive product range. Due to our wide range of products, we have driven loyal customers from other cities in Florida, such as Wilton Manors, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach & Margate.

Our premium bedding set comes in a natural color with a subtle and classic finish touch with extra-deep pockets and oversized dimensions for mattress depths 18″ to 22.” Our beddings are easily washable and hypoallergenic, a perfect choice for people with sensitive skin.

The eco-friendly resources and luxuriously smooth fiber structure of our bedding sets pampers your skin and helps in temperature and moisture management to keep you warm in winter and cool in the summer.

Here’s Why You Need Good Bedding

  • Rest Makes You Feel Productive: A good bedding is very crucial in improving healthy sleep. People with sleep deprivation symptoms often lack cognitive abilities and are slower to respond. Research reveals that having a good sleep gives your body the recovery time that improves the ability to make split-second, accurate decisions at work, ultimately improving productivity and job performance. 
  • Makes You Happier: Poor sleep can usually make you feel cranky and adversely affect your mental health. With good bedding, you can get the proper rest that helps promote emotional stability and combat depression. It’s best to choose our duvet sets in Oakland Park to get relief from sleep deprivation symptoms and improve your sleep.
  • Improves Your Memory: A study shows that quality sleep helps your body strengthen your mind and memory to learn and recognize things quickly. Along with this, it helps patients suffering from brain injuries, for example, those who want to re-learn limb control, language, stroke patients, etc. 
  • Helps Lose Weight: Good sleep helps regulate two crucial hormones: Ghrelin and Leptin. Ghrelin makes you feel hungry, while Leptin makes you feel full. Dieters who rest well may better reduce their fat compared to sleep-deprived ones. That means improved sleeping habits and better bedding enhance the beneficial effects of a diet. 
  • Improves Your Immune System: Taking proper rest helps your body relax and thus improves Cytokines (immune system-boosting proteins) production and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. People who don’t get enough rest are more likely to get sick from cold and flu. Also, it affects the recovery process. We have the best duvet to buy in Oakland Park that is appealing and can give you the comfort required for healthy sleep. 

Switch Up The Style of Your Bedroom!

Let us help you create a soothing sleeping environment with our luxurious bedding sets. We have an endless array of patterns, colors, sizes (Cal King, Full, King, Queen, Twin, and Twin XL), and materials to fit your personal style. Our professionals will help you create the bedroom of your dreams to enhance your room’s aesthetics and improve your sleeping habit. We also have heavy quilts for sale in Oakland Park that are purely made from carefully chosen fabrics. So grab your coziest and beautifully designed bedding to get a comfy sleep. Contact us now or visit our warehouse in Oakland Park!